Database Design

We will assess your corporate data needs, business objectives and develop a solution that optimizes accessibility and currency of your information.

Web Design and Deployment

We create web interfaces and API's to enable your data/information and work with you and your staff to implement and optimize data management tools.

Custom Applications

After Database Design and Web Design are crafted, we architect and develop your Custom Application. Using the latest development environments, we create, deploy and maintain your solutions.

Portals, Marketing and Design

At ASI we specialize in bringing subject matter based portals to life to engage stakeholders and generate conversation and innovation.

Our Technology Tools

Data Tools - Our "Broker" technology is leading edge in that it allows for the association of data elements without the need to create dead end data models. Implemented in our Association Workbench and Engage IT platforms, broker is a time saver.

Broker - a data centric development tool available only through ASI.

Creates an ability to link data tables without development.

  • Maintains data integrity.
  • Eases the migration of data from one system to another.

Directory Management Tools

Use our flexible "Engage IT" technology to create and manage dynamic up to date directories for your organization.

Display your membership or organizations's data dynamically while managing that information thorugh an administrative interface.

  • One integrated data set.
  • Ease of access by directory members.

Tools for Managing Certifications and Lists

Provides for the collection of data through a vetted solution that builds lists of qualified or certified information.

  • Publishing based on certain criteria.
  • Notifications to ENGAGED parties on additions/deletions etc.
  • Maintain technical information dynamically through a database.

Document Solutions

Improve the task of managing technical documents and publishing them with the use of our ENGAGE platform.

All in one capabilities including the linkage of external references right within the document. This eases the navigation to other related documents.

  • Consistent publishing tools.
  • Ease of distribution and linking.