Information... Knowledge... Success...

Established in 1999, ASI has earned a solid reputation for developing and implementing practical, innovative and cost-effective web-based business and media solutions for associations, member-based organizations as well as the government sector (municipal, provincial, state and federal). ASI provides a number of products and services including custom application development, technical support and application hosting and management (managed services) as well as other IT-related services.

People, Processes and Technology….a must for successful system implementation. That principle forms our corporate ideology.

Information, Knowledge, Success…..the progression of the above when applied strategically.

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Member-Based Organizations

Associations and member-based organizations have a need to manage relationships with their members and stakeholders. ASI's technology tools enable information to be created, managed and utilized in a single platform; our Engage Workbench is that platform and provides connectivity to today’s contemporary software. Achieve your business objectives through data integration and complete process mapping and maximize the value of the information you already have. Information, Knowledge, Success….that’s ASI’s approach to achievement.


Government departments and municipalities have a duty and responsibility to manage information about the infrastructure assets they manage on behalf of their constituents. The need for better processes in the field of “Asset Management” is a tall order, however it can’t begin without a clear understanding of what you have and what condition it is in. ASI’s Asset Manager suite provides the tools required to get the job done! Working with your staff, ASI will implement the required processes and technology as well as train the required staff. Data, data, data…’s all about the data.

Private Sector Enterprises

ASI offers a complete range of technology support and services to enable your company to create and manage its product information better; make it more accessible and keep costs manageable. We also offer a number of technology based business development services for companies that make and sell infrastructure related products.