Team Workbench

Association Management Software

Workbench is our most diverse application to help you manage your website content, documents, contacts, events, and so much more.

Data Management

Team Workbench makes it easy to maintain your contacts, organization, documents, and a whole host of data in an organized structure at your finger tips.


Team Workbench can help you manage your memberships for individuals and organization. With our modules you can also display your memberships and a host of data relevant to your members such as products and services.


Team Workbench can help you manage your events from a single session seminar to a complex convention. Our Event Module is designed to handle events for the individual or organization, and allows you to bill the individual or their organization.


Team Workbench can help you manage your contacts lists for individuals and organizations. Our Lists can be static or dynamic. The dynamic list is generated based upon your parameters and always updated every time you open the list.

Email Broadcast

Team Workbench can send email broadcast to your contacts based upon our lists, memberships, and events. Our system will capture data such as who opens, clicks, and other desired information.

Document Library

Team Workbench can allow you to sort and categorize your documents and files. Our system will allow you to attach the same document to multiple categories and display them online.