The Road Authority (TRA)

The Road Authority (TRA) is a web portal and database showcasing products and services available for use in public works infrastructure - including roads, water systems, sewer systems and traffic related products. The portal brings together companies offering these products and services with the municipal and provincial governments who procure them, as well as engineering consultants providing services to them. In addition to having a directory to find products, infrastructure owners benefit by sharing information.

TRA was developed as a public-private partnership by the Ontario Good Roads Association ("OGRA"), a not-for-profit organization supporting Ontario’s municipalities. The web site is used as an information resource tool by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and local municipalities across the Province. TRA is delivered by ASI Technologies Inc., and is available to other Provinces or States by requesting information from

TRA website
 TRA website

For businesses, benefits of a TRA membership include a public profile on the portal with links to your products and services.

Members also have the opportunity to access key sponsorship and advertising opportunities on the TRA portal which is used by over 1000 unique visitors each day. Exposure of a new product or service can create additional business opportunities.


Some Ontario jurisdictions require membership in The Road Authority as a means of ensuring the quality of the products they use, and to manage the risk involved with procurement from new sources. Mandatory TRA membership also puts an onus on the product sponsor to verify company and product details at least annually upon renewal of their TRA membership, thereby reducing the jurisdiction’s cost of maintaining product lists and ensuring accurate information.